How to choose yourself a suitable wig

Posted by John 16/01/2016 0 Comment(s)
Wigs and hairpieces should compliment the shape of your face. Usually,there are diamond, heart, oblong, oval, pear, round, and square face shapes.
Diamond:needs a wig styled with fullness or width in the forehead hairline and the lower cheekbones of the face near the chin. Hair should be styled close to the head at the upper cheekbones where the face is broadest. Bands or a layered fringe will disguise a narrower forehead. 
Heart :A chin length bob is great for heart shape face as it makes the jaw area appear wider and more balanced with the rest of your face. Longer, layered hairstyles also work well.
Oblong : Looking for wigs that are short to medium in length with longer top layers such as wedges bob cuts. Chin and shoulder length looks that turn under or flutter out also work very well to add width. 
Oval :oval allows the most versatility in wig choices .consider your best features such as eyes, checks, or mouth and then accentuate them with your wig style.
Pear :it is best to look for wigs that will add volume above the jaw line. Layers create fullness on the upper half of the face. Don't be afraid to show your forehead to draws attention upward and away from a full jaw line.
Round:Wig styles with a fullness and height at the crown, but not at the ears, are a good choice. Off center parts help reduce the roundness.
Square:Looking for wigs that add height to the top and narrowness at the sides. Height at the crown will elongate the symmetrical square shape. A wig with layers and wispy looks around the face is a good choice.


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